The Biddeford Public Art Committee (BPAC), a subcommittee of Engine, is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals on behalf of Thread, LLC. The building includes Elements: Books Beer Coffee and Engine on the main level; Caleb Johnson Architects + Builders, A Healthy Life, Biddeford Bead Lab, and A Therapeutic Massage on the 2nd floor, and four apartments on the third floor. The building is a hub of dynamic, creative energy.

Proposals are due March 20.



Requests for Proposals are sought for 265 Main Street Artwork commissioned by Thread, LLC, for a privately-owned property at the corner of Main and Jefferson Streets in downtown Biddeford. This Request for Proposals is being coordinated, at the request of Thread, LLC, by the Biddeford Public Art Committee (BPAC).

Project Description
The 265 Main Street Artwork is a commission of new work illustrating a general theme of healthiness and/or healthy living. The artwork can be conceptual or representational, but should be evocative and compelling either way. The artwork should be colorful, positive, and engaging.

Below is a photo of the side of the building that will be home to an artwork mural/installation. The black square does not have to remain nor does the art need to be confined to just that space.