Children’s Theater 5-Week Workshop

Join professional actor and educator Courtney Wood for our first children’s theater workshop. We’ll be workshopping a fractured fairytale, Rapunzel. Engine is partnering with City Theater which has graciously offered their Annex space for the workshop. The workshop will culminate in a dress rehearsal and performance.

Ages: 8+

Workshop days: Mondays and Wednesdays, for five weeks from January 22 through February 28 (no class during February vacation)

Time: 5:00-6:30pm

Workshop location: City Theater annex, 205 Main Street

Dress rehearsal will be March 1 at 6:30pm at Engine.

Final production will be on March 2 at 6:30pm at Engine.

Cost: $160 per student (sliding scale policy applies, plus payment plans available)

About the instructor: Actor and theater educator Courtney Wood has extensive teaching experience, having worked with the Missoula Children’s Theater, Community Theater of Greensboro, Berkshire Theater Group, Winfield Children’s House Montessori, and for Falmouth Elementary and Middle School. Visit her site to learn more.

About the Play: Rapunzel

Rene Shwartzbuckle is cuckoo for a turnip-like vegetable called rapunzel. When she spots a mouth-watering patch of the plant in Witch Izwitch’s garden, she sends her husband Walt out to ’borrow’ some. Witch Izwitch is certainly not amused! With her diabolical henchmen, the Glumpwarts, she terrorizes Walt into promising her his firstborn child in exchange for his freedom. We then jump ahead many years to Rapunzel (now you know where the name comes from!) Shwartzbuckle’s 18th birthday. The witch and the Glumpwarts show up as promised and whisk poor, innocent Rapunzel away to a tower in the forest. From here, a boisterously entertaining rescue attempt begins! (The technical aspects of ’hair climbing’ are handled quite simply.) Can Prince Llewellyn persevere over the powers of evil? Filled with plenty of action and fresh, hysterical characters (such as the sages Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme!), this show gives a new twist to an old story and a gentle message about the nature of beauty.

REFUND POLICY: If you cancel before January 15 5pm, we’ll refund 50% of your deposit. After that time, until the session starts, you’ll receive 25% refund. Installment plans can be worked out with Engine staff.