Performance Title:    : )))))))) ;
Performed by Lauren Tosswill

There is a switch on Lauren Tosswill’s microphone. On/off. This binary transition has become synonymous with the ease of doing something (i.e. “…with a simple flick of the switch”), but Tosswill’s [work] is all about the forces that accumulate on either side of that divide. There is an immediacy to her use of sound sources… yet as her voice quivers over the boundary of sound and silence, forcing itself through throat constriction and intermittent electricity, I am brought to contemplate those immaterial factors that influence whether sound exists or not. The accumulation and alleviation pressure.”

Performance Title: Commercial Break
Performed by Kerry Anderson

Commercial Break is a stripped down and re-purposed montage of television commercials that have aired over the past few years, many of them having aired during this year’s Super Bowl. I took the text verbatim from each of the chosen ads, and either recorded the text myself or had others record the text. Those contributing to the recordings are: Tyler Wood, Nick Robles, Katie Pfohl, and Nick Schroeder. I sent each contributing artist a link to a commercial and an accompanying script, and asked them to record the script as they wished, keeping as close to the time frame of the ad as possible. Lauren Tosswill then helped me splice together the individual recordings into one file. All other elements of the television commercials have been eliminated (visuals, sound, etc.), and replaced by my live performance, evoking the emotions, narratives, and reactions I feel in relation to these commercials.

Dance is often used in advertisements, and often to promote ideals such as strength, grace, precision, personal expression, style, and fun. Commercial Break uses dance to highlight consumerism, skepticism, confusion, doubt, despair, anxiety, ambiguity, and apathy that are also part of our advertisement landscapes.

Performance Title: Tidal Transmutations
Performed by  Gelsey Amelia & Kelly Sue of New Fruit

“Tidal Transmutations” is a continuation of “The Growing Tide” window installation, based on the original performance and install by the New Fruit art collective that took place on the first day of Spring.

“Tidal Transmutations” / “The Growing Tide” is a creation of a community weaving – gathered from materials that: have grown tired, heavy or old – transformed what no longer serves them, to emerge from the underground, step out and see it for what it is and what it can now be. Time to weave anew.