en route // five : Veeva Banga Bi Landa Landa

“Veeva Banga Bi Landa Landa”, is the fifth installment of Engine’s en route curbside dance performance series curated by Jacqui DeFrança.

Choreography and dancing by Veeva Banga

Music: Bi Landa Landa by BM ft. Robinio Mundibu

Videographer: Tadin Brown

Website: https://www.veevabangadance.com

“Veeva Banga is a South Sudanese dancer. Since the age of twelve dancing hip hop every Friday, she has honed a passion for sharing her cultural dance with people locally. She is a talented dancer that has an opportunity to play with a mix of styles in Afro Beat that can offer a different approach to dance in Maine.” – https://www.veevabangadance.com