OPENING MAY 29 from 5-8PM

A series of investigations with drawings, writings, and three-dimensional forms of how the images and assumed narratives of drawings can fall together into a whole new form of truth. Join us in welcoming Kimberly Convery for her 2nd exhibition, this time solo, at Engine.

Artist Statement

The drawings are mixing soft subtle skies with glass buildings and implied landscapes. Interrupting this dream like world gems or sharp shapes shift through with no explanation. The incorporation of all of these subtle symbols blend together to create a familiar comfortable space, which isn’t necessarily questioned. The new combination of this time and space becomes a new truth. The comparison of color, unexplained spatial relations and objects that are adored create new truths when placed in a narrative that is left to be discovered. The combination of things can be organized in the brain by lots of different learned behaviors, tastes and categories that were taught over the years. This accumulation and assimilation into image making makes all of these things that I›ve assumed to be true a new truth. Even things that I know to be a lie or not real are also a truth, the very concept of knowing something creates a path of truth. The enjoyment of the thought “Everything You Know is True” has inspired me to extend this conversation and invite artist that I find extremely respectable and insightful in their own work to respond in a short writing about their understanding or argument against this phrase. As I am not the first to question this, I hope this show provokes a sort of new perspective on trusting your inquisitive reaction to making and viewing and noticing the new truth that is being mixed into your own truths.

Visit Kimberly Convery’s website.