Free Art & Weaving Workshop Today

Biddeford Blooms Community Weaving Project

Free Art & Weaving Workshop!

Saturday June 18, 12-2PM

All ages welcome!

@ Engine, 163 Main Street, Biddeford ME

Come by Engine today Saturday June 18 from 12-2pm at 163 Main St and make your “self” for our collaborative public art project Biddeford Blooms! The looms represent the mills, the river, and our Biddeford Community Gardens. Free and all ages activities led by Artist-in-Residence Sarah Haskell. Also in our gallery check our Evangelists of the Obvious. This project is supported in part by the Maine Arts Commission and the City of Biddeford!

Biddeford Blooms Community Weaving Project, is an invitation to weave our aspirations for the future of our community together. Local woodworker Peter Anthony and longtime Compass Volunteer built looms representing the built and natural environment of Biddeford – it’s mills, river, and community gardens. During Fringe Fest and River Jam 2021, you are invited to weave colorful recycled materials into this shared tapestry. This Community Loom project in historic downtown Biddeford celebrates Maine’s 200th birthday and illustrates how important textiles and craft have been to the state.

Photo courtesy of David Meserve