Hello from Engine’s new Executive Director, Jess Muise!

Hey everyone!

I’m Jess Muise, the new Executive Director at Engine.

I’m here!

I live in Biddeford, ME. I am so excited to join this community and have this opportuity to lead such a wonderful organization.

I am here because Engine is about transformation, and I am here to support people making the world they imagine through transformative experiences in creative community. 

I come from generations of people who work with their hands. Both sides of my family emigrated to the United States from coastal communities as laborers, carpenters, coopers, and metalsmiths. This move is a continuation of that legacy and a return: back to the water to work in service of the building the world we want to live in, with our own hands. Engine has been a catalyst – using the arts, design, and education as a powerful community development tool, and I am excited to take that work into the future. 

How might we cocreate the community, neighborhood, and world we want to live in, with Engine as a vehicle?

Thank you to Tammy Ackerman, the Engine Board, Staff, and Advisory Board past and present, the City of Biddeford, and each and every person who has already reached out with their warm welcome.

I’m starting my second week and I really want to hear from you. I encourage you to find a time to chat with me.

I look forward to learning about what you are excited about for the future and how Engine can propel us there together.