In conjunction with Engine’s current exhibition Bought and Sold: Voices of Human Trafficking, Engine will screen two important films: Not My Life and Fields of Mudan on Saturday, February 10 starting at 5pm.

5pm: Not My Life (run time: 1 hr 24 minutes) by Robert Bilheimer, narrated by Glenn Close, is a film depicting the horrible and cruel ways of human trafficking today. The film is based on a global scale, focusing mostly on trafficked children. Filmed on five continents, in a dozen countries, Not My Life takes viewers into a world where millions of children are exploited, every day, through an astonishing array of practices including forced labor, domestic servitude, begging, sex tourism, sexual violence, and child soldiering. Please find more information by visiting


6:30pm:Fields of Mudan (run time: 23 minutes) from the Florida State University Graduate Film Conservatory, directed by Stevo, is a film portraying young girls who are forced into modern day brothel slavery by an insensitive and cruel brothel owner. Please find more information by searching “Fields of Mudan.”

While these films are very important to watch and understand, please take note that they might be hard to watch for some audience members.

Feel free to come to one or both of the films.