Rachael Eastman Moon Dune (left) and Carrie Scanga Pirate Ride.

INTRICATE WORLDS will run May 1st, 2015 until May 23rd, 2015 with an opening reception Saturday May 2nd 5-7pm. Twelve artists–emerging to those with regional and national reputations–were selected by curator and artist Stephen Burt. Artists include Stephen Burt, Kimberly Convery, Fritz Drury, Rachael Eastman, Yizhak Elyashiv, Lauren Fensterstock, Sarah Gorham, Alison Hildreth, Ellie Hollinshead, Jon Langford, Mike Libby, Carrie Scanga, and Wendy Seller

Curatorial Statement:

Artworks are reliquaries of memory, time and experience. This exhibition is composed of art that I find compelling for its obsessive attention to detail and pictorial structure. In these works narrative abounds-through what is pictured and the process by which the images are made. Images make visible the thoughts, dreams, and desires of the artist and in the best of circumstances draw out in the viewer a sympathetic/empathetic response. Analogy is prevalent here and rich symbolism. If the viewer of this exhibition takes time to look carefully, the reward will be an immersion into other worlds, that just may surprise and intrigue with possibility and depth. –Stephen Burt

ENGINE is located in the heart of Biddeford, Maine, is a non-profit arts organization. Engine’s mission is to make arts-driven programming, cultural development, and sustainable creative entrepreneurialism an explicit community value and civic priority in Biddeford. In addition to supporting artists through exhibitions, Engine provides arts and design education opportunities and coordinates initiatives in the community such as the Biddeford + Saco ArtWalk and a public art program.