Text + Texture : An Urban Canvas
New works by the Addison Woolley Group

Showing September 26 through November 22

What’s the look, the feel, the visual rhythms of urban Maine? What are the sights, signs and surfaces that define it? The Addison Woolley Group of associated artists collectively addresses these questions with work that highlights the past and present of Biddeford. From the digital edge to classical techniques the Addison Woolley Group utilizes varied media to create surprising observations and quirky commentary. The show celebrates the sensory complexity embedded in city environments but also seeks out moments of calm and revelation. The Addison Woolley artists bear witness to difficult urban issues while celebrating  Biddeford’s resurgence in Text+ Texture: An Urban Canvas.

Addison Woolley Associated Artists:

Jane Banquer, Karen Bushold, Dan Dow, Diane Hudson, Jim Kelly, Susan Porter, Norm Proulx, Victor Romanyshyn, Ruth Sylmor, Darrell Taylor, Andrea van Voorst van Beast, Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beast, Dave Wade, Fran Vita-Taylor.