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“That’s What She Said,” an exhibition featuring photographs, videos, and installations by artist Nancy Grace Horton and curated by Jessica Buckley, opens May 27, 2016, from 5-8pm at Engine, 128 Main Street in downtown Biddeford. “That’s What She Said” will show through July 23, 2016.

The exhibition encompasses work made by Horton over the past five years exploring gender roles, feminism, and cultural stereotypes. Ms. Horton will be featuring unique bodies of work in this exhibition, including the conflicted housewife of “Mad Women,” the outspoken females of “Ms. Behavior,” the strangely inhuman “Mannequins,” and her most recent project, the cross-dressing “Mr. / Mrs.”   

Horton uses the media’s portrayal of gender to feed her explorations and give her viewers something to ponder. She draws attention to the stereotypes that consistently shape our views on the subject. In “Mad Women,” the women being left at home as the 50s housewife; in “Ms. Behavior” she probes at the cliches of female roles in culture by bending the norms. Her goal is to create conversations about gender within our culture.

In her most recent series, “Mr. / Mrs.,” Horton turns her camera on the male subject, investigating those who chose to dress as women.  She uses the photographic style of the fragmented narrative to bend our eyes and thoughts from the familiar, to unveil what might be unfamiliar. Using her camera, she places the viewer up close enough to discover that normal is different.
Included image:  Nancy Grace Horton, Fancy Pants, photograph, 2014

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