Ann Sloatman

Ann Sloatman is an artist, weaver and designer. She has worked as a Textile Product Design professional and an Interior Designer. She is a New Englander who was a Maine summer person as a child and lived many years on the West Coast as an adult. She has been living in Maine since 2013 and has had a studio at Engine since 2019.

Her work is mainly abstract in nature and she has a particular interest in the interaction of Art, Spirituality and Nature. Ann has travelled extensively since her teenage years, and this has profoundly influenced her world view. Textiles and Pattern are her main area of expertise. She is especially interested in how the current changes in the world regarding nature, society and technology will effect the Humanities in the future and how drawing upon the deep understandings of the Ancient World may inform artists as they lean forward to point the way to the future.

She is currently working on a mixed media canvas which will be part of a series with the theme of transition: opening into or entering a new space or dimension.

Ann received a Certificate in Textile Design from F.I.D.M., Los Angeles. Previous to that she studied drawing and painting at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. and at Southern Oregon University. She has a degree in Social Sciences with a specialization in Asian Studies (Humanities).

She shares her sources of inspiration and some of her work on Instagram@weavann