Public Art

Public art inspires, ignites, and animates our public life. It enriches and connect a community and enhances our sense of place. As a faciliator for public art projects in the region, Engine contributes to the local economy and fosters educational opportunities for the community.

Map of Public Art in Biddeford

City of Biddeford Public Art Subcommittee

The City of Biddeford, in recognition of the importance of integrating public art into the daily lives of the residents and visitors to the City, has formed a Public Art subcommittee as part of the Downtown Development Commission.

Engine is thrilled to partner with The City of Biddeford, a munincipality that values public art, the sense of community identity, and the creativity it can inspire.

Current Members:

  • Anne Nadzo, Downtown Development Commission
  • Renee Messier, Downtown Development Commission
  • Christa St. Cyr, Downtown Development Commission
  • Jess Muise, Director of Engine
  • Leah Schaffer, representing Heart of Biddeford
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