Chrystina Gastelum | Dirigo Linum

Chrystina Gastelum (gas-TELL-um, she/her) lives and works in Biddeford, ME. She co-owns a therapeutic massage practice on Biddeford’s Main Street with her spouse, and fellow artist, Sean Hasey. They share a studio at Engine. In addition to participating in forums for local business and her work with Engine, she is also the chair of Biddeford’s Conservation Commission, whose purpose is to protect the considerable natural resources in Biddeford. She studied Anthropology at Boston University and has worked extensively with corporations on a wide variety of sustainability issues, but particularly on climate change. Her art practice is multimedia, focused primarily in textiles and repurposed objects. Photo by Julie Gray, an Engine Darkroom member (though this was made with a digital camera).

Dirigo Linum is a current project asking can we grow our own clothes, textiles, dyes, art supplies and more on a sustainable scale in Maine? Let’s find out in Biddeford!