Martha Fournier

Hello! I’m Martha Fournier, founder of Arts and Wellbeing Studio, a space to de-stress, relax, reenergize, and strengthen mind body spirit, and to welcome creativity and healing.
I studied the Theatre Arts, Circus Arts, Physical Comedy and performed professionally for 10 years. I then continued studies in the Visual Arts and achieved a BFA in 2D Fine Art. I’m inspired by nature, energies, the present moment, and humanity. I have a mostly colorful abstract style informed from representational and intangible inspirations and life experiences. I also study the Healing Arts and am constantly amazed with the multitude of benefits that these practices offer. I’m a Registered Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, a Qi Gong and Meditation teacher, a Mindset Life Coach, and a Reiki practitioner.
I believe that creativity is innate within us all, and that it’s important to stay curious and playful. We are all Energy, and we’re all a part of Nature, not separate from it. I believe that the world needs more love and compassion and far less fear and hate, and I find that these things start from within. Let’s choose loving kindness for ourselves, in turn having that much more compassion for others and for our planet. We are all one. Believe in Yourself. Believe in Community.

My website is:
I have an Instagram page: dangergirl4
I have a facebook page: Arts and Wellbeing Studio.