All ages. All skill levels. All are welcome!

You are invited to submit work to our 8th annual RUMPUS exhibition!

RUMPUS, meaning a noisy disturbance, commotion, hubbub, uproar, or fracas, is Engine’s annual non-juried event, back for its 8th year after a two year haitus.

Newly formed Hydra Art Collective is proud to host this egalitarian art show open to all in 2022.

Located at Engine, 163 Main Street, Biddeford, for 6 weeks. Opening reception on April 1st from 5 – 9pm, and closing on May 13th from 5 – 9pm. Part of the show will be weekly artist talks hosted in the space, so stay tuned! 


Artists looking to show and sell their work in RUMPUS 2022 must fill out the provided form which can be accessed here.


  • One piece per artist
  • Work must have been created within the last two years
  • All works must be dropped off, ready to hang or display, with all accompanying hardware provided. Hanging mechanisms must be secure and attached and ready to go. If you need assistance, contact the collective at
  • All works must be dropped off and picked up at designated times.
  • Artists grant Engine permission to use images of the work to promote the exhibition.
  • Engine will retain a commission of 30% of the retail price of any work sold. All artwork sold will remain on view through the end of the exhibition.


Drop off your artwork at 163 Main Street in Biddeford, ME on:

Thursday, March 24 – Noon – 5:00pm
Friday, March 25 – Noon – 5:00pm
Saturday, March 26 – 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday, March 27 – 10:00am – 5:00pm


***work MUST be picked up from Engine 163 Main St. Biddeford, ME on:

Saturday, May 14 – 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Sunday, May 15 –  Noon – 4:00pm

We do reserve the right to decline work that does not meet our standards of ethics of subject matter or that isn’t properly constructed/mounted to be hung.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.

Past Calls for Art

2022 Biddeford WinterFest Mascot Youth Design Contest

2022 brings another exciting weekend of snow-related cabin-fever busting fun (including indoor events to keep you warm!). Initiated by Mayor Casavant, this is a community-created event celebrating its 10th year, with something for everyone during one great weekend! Youth in our community are invited to dream up a mascot that inspires and connects us to the pride and spirit of Biddeford Winterfest. Inspired by festivals like Montreal Festival, create your character that expresses WinterFest themes such as:

  • cabin-fever busting
  • love for community, especially where everyone pitching in to make things fun for kids
  • love of snow and winterbraving the elements
  • a celebration of Biddeford’s heritage and current residents

For more information about Biddeford’s WinterFest, see: CONTEST ENTRY FORM

GESTALT Film Photography Exhibition

GESTALT: A Film Photography Exhibition
Like most artists during the COVID lockdowns, distancing, and general lifestyle changes that have taken place, photographers have continued to capture images. Many artists are sitting on stacks of paintings that have been created during this time, and photographers are buried under rolls of film. We create in times of stress. Amidst all of the uncertainty that this year has given us, artists are still creators and we continue doing what we know to do. And so, we think it’s important to shine a light on the works created during this time…to not just move on from this pivotal pandemic.

We aim to mount an exhibition that demonstrates the following: despite how personal and journalistic in nature art-making can be, images translate as universal and truly resonate with a broader audience. The artist/photographer this year (despite being isolated) is part of a community who has experienced similar fears, joys, stressors and emotions in general. This will be an exhibition that portrays this uniquely uniting time that we experienced singularly.

Submission Guidelines:
Please submit up to 8 works for consideration. These works must be created from either bw or color film, resulting in a silver gelatin print or inkjet/c-print from scanned negative. Please do not try to pass off digital images as traditional film images…we will know! All works must be completed during the 2020-21 pandemic and must be presented professionally in black or white frames.

1. Email with “Submission” in the subject line.
2. Images: attach your jpeg images to the email. Each artist may submit up to 8 works of art. Please name your jpg images using the following format before attaching them: Artist’s Last Name_Title.jpg (example Gray_SelfPortrait.jpg). Images should be no larger than 1800 pixels on the longest dimension.
3. Include the following information within the email:
Mailing address
Phone number
Image information (title, medium, size, price)
4. While there is no fee to apply, Engine takes a 30% commission for pieces sold on behalf of the artist. Please price your works accordingly.

Exhibition Timeline:
Submission Deadline: Sunday, July 25, 2021
Notification Date: Sunday August 1, 2021
Artist Drop-off: August 27 (12-5pm) or 28 (10-3pm)
Installation: September 6, 2021
Opening/ArtWalk: September 17, 2021 and possible October 15, 2021
Deinstallation: October 22, 2021
Artist Pick-up: October 22 (12-5pm) or 23 (10-3pm), 2021

Curated By:
Julie K. Gray, interdisciplinary artist and curator
Tina Johnson, creator and director of The Darkroom at Engine

All Rights Reserved