By Land or By Sea

By Land or By Sea, A View from the Surf Community 

Engine presents a virtual exhibition By Land or By Sea: A View from the Surf Community on view starting November 28 here.  

Due to the rise in COVID, Engine’s gallery will be closed to the public until further notice prompting the move to a virtual exhibition.

By Land or By Sea features artists Chris Gauthier, David Stowell, Diana Abatemaro, Eugene Cole, Gabe Bornstein, Ian MacLellan, Jordan Parks, Juliette Sutherland, Katie Strait, Mathew Anderson, Molly Brown, Nathaniel Kaye, Nick Eaton, Shaina Gates, Tony Hall, and Trent Bell. Works in the exhibition will be available for sale through January 2nd.

By Land or By Sea: A View from the Surf Community, taps into the creativity of the New England surf community, members of which are not only avid surfers, but are also artists in their own right. For avid surfers who want the flexibility to seek out the best possible waves, working as a creative or artist, frequently self-employed, is critical in being able to head out at the drop of a hat or the change of winds. As we move into the darkest winter months of the year in Maine, we will pause to celebrate the sea and those creative, adventurous souls who follow it.

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  • November 28, 2020 - January 17, 2021