Funders & Partners

We are thrilled to work in collaboration with our ecosystem of nonprofit, municipal, and private funders & partners to connect and inspire our community through art, design, and education. The following support our ongoing work:

  • Heart of Biddeford
  • City of Biddeford
  • Biddeford School Department
  • Biddeford Cultural Coalition

We could not carry out our mission without a number of program delivery partners in our community!


Thank you to our generous foundations and agencies who have provided critical support over the years:

  • Allagash Foundation
  • Apple Lane Foundation
  • Bangor Foundation
  • Belvedere Handcraft Fund
  • Belvedere Historic Preservation
  • Betterment Fund
  • Captain Raymond Thombs Memorial Fund
  • Eunice Frye Home Foundation
  • Horizon Foundation
  • James & Betty Jacobs Family Charitable Trust
  • Kate Libby Endowment for the Arts
  • Key Bank Foundation
  • Maine Community Foundation
  • Maine Community Foundation Salmon Falls Donor Advised Fund
  • Maine Community Foundation StartUp ScaleUp
  • Maine Development Foundation Grants to Green
  • Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust
  • Morton Kelly Charitable Trust
  • New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
  • Nichols Fund
  • Onion Foundation
  • Paul & Virginia Cabot Charitable Trust
  • Quimby Family Foundation
  • Reny’s Charitable Trust
  • Samuel L. Cohen Foundation
  • Spinnaker Trust
  • Stewart Mott Foundation
  • Virginia Hodgkins Somers Foundation
  • Warren Memorial Foundation
  • WestWind Foundation
  • Winfield Foundation

State Agencies

  • Maine Arts Commission
  • Maine Department of Economic and Community Development

Federal Agencies

  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Economic Development Authority
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