Mission and Purpose:

Public art has the ability to inspire, ignite, awaken and animate. It can enrich and connect a community and add or enhance a sense of place in a symbolic or creative way. The City of Biddeford values public art, the sense of community identity, and the creativity it can inspire. Public art fulfills these purposes in a myriad of ways: by improving the aesthetics of our public spaces through excellent and harmonious design, by sensitively preserving or highlighting vistas; by introducing surprising and enlivening elements into otherwise ordinary spaces; and by engaging us with insightful interpretations of our community’s activities, aspirations, and history. In addition, the public art program is designed as a contribution to the City’s economic draw and to foster educational opportunities for the community. The City of Biddeford, in recognition of the importance of integrating public art into the daily lives of the residents and visitors to the City, supports a public arts program, and to this end hereby establishes the Biddeford Public Art Policy.

Current Members:

  • Greg Tansley, ex-officio advisor
  • Tammy Ackerman, Director of Engine
  • Donna Gadbois Tippett, Biddeford Resident, and former City Planner
  • Aurelie Wallach, Chair of Biddeford Historic Preservation Commission
  • Paul Gosselein, architect Salmon Falls Architecture
  • Ron Gobeil, former Art Teacher at Biddeford High School
  • Martine Eon (representing Downtown Development Commission)
  • Holly Culloton (representing Heart of Biddeford)
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